Chasing The Sun

I love to lay in the sun, soak up the rays, and then question why I am sunburnt. In March I escaped to Spain and Portugal for a week in the name of Chasing the Sun. A week ago I ran off to Greece for the weekend and came back with sunburn on the tops […]

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How to begin. Paris was beyond perfect. Flowers were blooming, and the sun was out of hiding. No words will give Paris the justice it deserves, yet here I am, trying to relay visions of Paris and its astonishing beauty in your mind.  You know sometimes when your completely at bliss and you realize life […]


A Weekend Away

Amsterdam was a dream come true. Every corner and cafe was filled with art and beautiful people. As a person who admires and loves art, I found myself to be in a paradise of visual splendor. I saw Van Gogh and Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein, all of the greats. Never before did I dream of […]

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When in Sweden

Sweden is everything I had hoped for, and more. The people and culture here are beautiful- like melt in your shoes beautiful. The journey to Bjornkulla, where I am staying for the semester was long. I only got lost on the train a little bit, but thankfully I made it home. My room is gargantuan […]

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Catching Up and Looking Ahead

Fall semester is speeding by, so I figured I should commemorate a few of the events that have happened thus far. To be honest, I have not done anything crazy, no bungee jumping or traveling halfway around the world. In fact, I have been quite stationary. Which brings me to the most interesting(?) part of my […]

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Summer came and went as quickly as most things in life. A month and a half of working long shifts, hours spent in the dimly lit hallways of a nursing home, money made. Looking back at my brief stint of summer ‘vacation’ there were moments that made July and August noteworthy. Days spent with Lydia […]

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The End of June

Unbelievably, I only have eleven full days left in South Africa.  Port Elizabeth has become a type of home for me, a warmer coastal home. Over the past five months, I have made incredible memories and met beautiful people.  When I signed up to study in South Africa I didn’t know exactly what I would […]

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