The End of June

Unbelievably, I only have eleven full days left in South Africa.  Port Elizabeth has become a type of home for me, a warmer coastal home. Over the past five months, I have made incredible memories and met beautiful people.  When I signed up to study in South Africa I didn’t know exactly what I would experience. Now I can definitively say that I have experienced and learned more in the past months than I ever thought possible. From the first weekend in Tsikamma, to now, I am not willing to regret any moment that has passed. Looking back, I have gone on more adventures than I realized and am thankful for every journey.

Since being in Durban, I have been on many more trips around SA. A few friends and I drove down the Garden Route and spent five days in Cape Town. We were in the car for eight hours that day, and I slept for five of them, I am not the best passenger. Cape Town is a magical place and has incredible scenery. I climbed to the top of Lions Head and it was phenomenal. A helicopter flew over the ocean in the distance and I was confused because it was at eye level. We all took the cable car to the top of Table Mountain, which is rated as one of the top views in the world, I can confirm its beauty. We also drove to Penguin Beach, and got up close and personal with wild penguins. The sunset that day was like a creamsicle. We went dancing in a two-story club and stayed out until six am on Long Street drinking and dancing into the morning. One of my favorite experiences from Cape Town was when myself, Ruchi, Sonya, and Becca drove to a winery in Stellenbosch for an outdoor movie. We watched Pride and Prejudice while sitting under the stars in a winery.  There’s nothing quite as whimsical as laying in the grass with friends and laughing at Mr.Darcy.

A few weekends after visiting Cape Town we went on a ‘school trip’ to Frontier Farms, an Afrikaans farmstead about three hours away. The farm was located in the Adelaide Mountains. As soon as we arrived at the farm I had the best soup in the world. All of the food that weekend was homecooked and were the best meals I’ve had in South Africa. After lunch, we walked out to a pasture and were instructed to catch the lambs that were milling around. I caught one and then proceeded to hold onto it as someone else tied rubber bands around its testicles. It was a strange introduction to farm life, but funny nonetheless. After all the lambs were banded up we proceeded to milk cows by hand. More than a few of us were covered in cow shit by the end of that experience. After those two strange experiences, we got to stand by the fire, drink beer and watch the sunset. All around a wonderful day. We had a delicious dinner and then the main group of students was sent off the stay at a different farm just down the road. There were ten girls who I stayed with in Winnie’s house. After talking politics and drinking Irish Coffee with the man of the house all of us girls went to bed. We woke up early in the morning and piled into the back of a truck to go over to a different farm, where everyone else spent the night. We spent most of the day riding around bumpy roads in the mountains. Thankfully, we only got stuck a few times.  Eventually, we found our way to the base of a mountain. I was the third one to the top because of my undying competitive streak. The view was of course amazing. You could see shadows from the clouds covering the valleys and mountains. After the hike, we drove our way into a little valley and had a Bri( Barbecue). The rest of the afternoon we drank coffee and played card games. Later we all had a few drinks and devoured a steak dinner. The final morning myself and a bunch of other girls swam in an ice cold waterfall. You have to remember that its winter here in South Africa, so the water was nowhere near bath temperature. I slept the entire drive home.

Two days after our Mountain adventure I hopped on a plane to Cape Town for a couple days. Alex and I spent two days in Cape Town. We stayed a hostel that felt like a frat house and won beer pong against some dudes from California. The second night we went to the Justin Bieber concert. It was INCREDIBLE. We all sang our hearts out that night. Alex and I got cheap tickets, but we managed to sneak our way to the first few rows of seating and it was worth it.  The short trip to Cape Town was a fun little two-day adventure, well worth the Frat House vibes.

My friends and I still have a few adventures up our sleeve. Next week we plan on going to the Art Museum, and then on Friday driving up to Tsikamma for one last Hoorah. On Friday morning we are going Bungee Jumping off the highest bridge in South Africa! After that, we are driving to Jeffreys Bay and hanging out for a few hours. It should be a good last few days in South Africa.

I fly out on the twenty-first and will be home on the twenty-second of June.


3 thoughts on “The End of June

  1. I am excited to have you come home, but I wish this wonderful journey did not have to end! I can’t wait to see what the world holds for you! You are blessed my dear daughter!

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