Riding down the coastline in a bright yellow beach buggy with a dog in my lap and a good friend in the seat next to me is my new definition of fun. Durban was the first time that I actually planned my own travel experience (shout out to you Glenda.) My friend Becca and I […]

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MARCH 12 2017

TIME passes stealthily in ZA. It seems that I wake up on a Monday morning and within minutes it’s Friday night and were dancing at the bar. I make myself seem old when I say cliche things about how this trip will be over before it began. Then again, most cliches¬†are based in truth.I feel […]

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February 20,2017

I have been quite busy for the past two weeks, but I always find time to go to the beach and enjoy the waves. ¬†This past weekend there was supposed to be a big tropical storm, but it didn’t get as crazy in Port Elizabeth as the weather man had suggested it would.The weather here […]

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February 4,2017

My first week in South Africa has been a whirlwind of sand and surf. I don’t think that the floor on my room will ever not be covered in a layer of sand. I landed in Port Elizabeth last Thursday morning. I got moved into my room and then immediately the next morning a large […]

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January 12

Twelve days left until I leave for my South African Adventure. Wisconsin snow and winter winds have me dreaming of the beach and sun. Although I have never been away from home for more than two months at a time, I truly don’t feel nervous or scared to leave. Instead, I feel as if I […]

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